Folding TV Trays

Folding TV TraysFolding tv trays are convenient for those who enjoy spending time together in front of the television. The trays fold down to a small size, are convenient to store, are easy to use, and make tasks such as eating, drinking, and playing games in front of the tv much easier.

Folding TV Trays For Modern Living

Using folding tv trays is a great choice for those who enjoy eating and drinking in front of the television without worrying about spills or balancing items on laps or coffee tables. Many homeowners do not have a large table in front of the tv at which they can gather a large group, and folding tv trays are great for gathering family or friends together in front of the tv to play card games, dice games, or board games. Using the folding tv trays gives each person access to a stable surface on which to join in the fun.

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Folding TV Trays

Folding TV Trays

Although the name of the inventor of folding TV trays is lost to history, the idea probably grew from the trays at the old drive-in hamburger joints where your order came on a tray that hung outside your rolled-down car window. It was likely an easy step to move from the convenience of eating in your car, to eating in front of your television where a tray on legs would be ideal. But what do you do with them in between meals? Someone had the idea of folding TV trays, to be able to store them out of the way, and the idea took off. Set them up for use with a few quick movements and when done they are folded and stored just as easily.

Some people think the TV trays were invented because of the TV dinner, but the trays were on the market about a year before the first frozen dinner hit the store shelves. Perhaps the convenience of the frozen dinner was inspired by the tray, rather than the other way around?

The original folding TV trays were of light weight aluminum with tubular aluminum legs tipped with rubber so they didn’t slip easily or mar the floors. Now there are many styles to choose from when you are looking for folding TV trays. You can get them in metal or wood or a combination of the two. They can be plain or highly decorated or even painted by you to fit in with your décor.

Folding TV trays are quite handy to have around. A family dinner watching a long awaited movie would not be nearly as comfortable without folding TV trays to set your plate and drink on. They make a handy table in front of a favorite chair for crafting on. The model builder can also find folding TV trays to be just the thing.

When you’re going camping, take not only a larger folding table, but folding TV trays for each person as well. Many times there aren’t picnic tables and the ground isn’t level enough for people to sit comfortably at a folding table for meals, but with the small, convenient size of folding TV trays, you can set up anywhere there is a level bit of ground.

Folding TV trays are also great to have on hand when giving parties. They can be used as temporary end tables in between folding chairs to make for more seating for guests. Folding TV trays make fantastic condiment tables and to hold the disposable plates and napkins at the ends of a larger table when throwing a barbecue party outdoors.

For people living in a small apartment folding TV trays can replace a table leaving more floor space free. Got friends coming over with their laptop computers? Pull out folding TV trays for them to use as they make great temporary laptop desks.

To choose the right ones for you, look at the uses you might be putting them to. If they are only going to be used for eating occasional meals in front of a TV, then the lightweight aluminum folding TV trays with the plastic clips underneath would probably be quite suitable. For heavier use you can get trays that are made of wood and either have a metal piece on the underside to slip the leg brace into or a piece of wood with a hook shaped cut-out. Any of these trays can be painted, but the wooden ones can also be stained and finished to allow the natural grain of the wood to show through, adding beauty to them.

If your folding TV trays are going to see multiple uses you can keep them free of glues and paint stains by covering them with plastic while using them for those messy projects. With the ease that they can be stored out of the way, as crafting tables they are a nearly perfect match. No need to clear your crafting supplies off the table just because it’s dinner time, just set it out of the way, have dinner, then go back to your hobby.

Any family with children will find them invaluable. With each child able to have ‘their own table’, then little Johnny and little Sally won’t be arguing over who is using too much of the coffee table when they are coloring or drawing. Then when the children are done, the folding TV trays can be easily stored out of the way.

Storage of these trays couldn’t be much more convenient. Most of them fold flat enough to be stored against the wall behind a chair or sofa and out of sight. They can be stored in the bottom of a closet or under a bed. If a couch sits high enough they can even be stored flat underneath it. Some of the sets come with a stand that holds two or three to each side and then the entire set can be conveniently stored in a closet or corner.

With just a little care, a good set of folding TV trays can last many years and serve more than one generation in a family. It’s not unusual to see some of the earliest folding tv trays to hit the market still in use today.

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