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In today’s hectic paced world, what could be better than sitting back after a day’s work and enjoying your meal while watching one of your favorite shows. TV tray tables makes this dream a reality for many of us.

There are several types of TV tray tables – among the most popular are:

TV Tray Table Set (Natural)

This popular type of tv tray tables is made of solid wood and given a natural finish. It looks like a butcher top type of finish. It is durable and usually comes with a storage stand and 4 foldable tables. These are heavy and quite durable and they look good in any informal dining setting.

Another feature about these sets is that the tv tray tables come fully assembled, so there are no difficult instructions to follow!

We’ve looked around the web, and this type of tv tray tables is very popular and gets great user reviews. Typically, people say such things as “great” and “totally pleased” with tv tray tables like these.

Wood Grain Table Mate

These tv tray tables are also very popular and with good reason. the Table Mate type of tv tray tables has a unique leg design that allows the table to be pulled fully into and over your lap whether you are eating while sitting on a recliner or a plush sofa. These often cost a little more (since you usually buy these one at a time) but their versatility is unmatched.

People use these tv tray tables for many things other than just eating. They are very good for doing crafts, or providing a holder for a book for reading – anything you need a table for! They are especially good to hold your laptop when you are away from your desk.

These tv tray tables are great gift items for those who are hard to buy for. They stack neatly when not in use – but you will find they are in use all the time!

Table Mate comes in white too – and has an adjustable model. It even comes in a mini- tv tray tables configuration that is perfect for using in bed.

Wood 5-pc TV Tray Tables

Other wood tray tables are available in many different finishes including black, maple and dark walnut. Another unique style is the oversized style – which gives you more room on the surface, something between a normal tv tray table and a card table type area. Perfect for crafts or you home office in your den or family room.

Folding Tray Tables

Folding tray tables are the most popular type of tv tray table. When you’re finished using your tray tables, they fold easily for storage in an out of the way corner of your room.

Many of the folding tray table types are quite stylish in their own utilitarian way. You can find a folding tray table that will match almost any style.

Most people prefer the most useful type of folding tray table. One of the most popular type is the Wood Grained Table Mate II.

The Wood Grained Table Mate II

The wood grained table mate II features, as the name suggests, a wood grained table top appearance. It’s main feature, though, is similar to all of the other Table Mate brand folding tray table types – it has two legs that bend in an “L” shaped joint that allow the table when being used to extend over the lap of a person, even if she is sitting in a plush armchair or sofa.

The Table Mate II also folds flat for storage in an inconspicuous corner – thus it is truly a folding tray table.

University of Michigan Wolverines Folding TV Tray Table

A uniquely individual folding tray table is the University of Michigan Wolverines Folding Tray Table. This unusual folding tray table is constructed of solid birch and has a polished mahogany top. It is perfect for the University of Michigan alumni because it has the University of Michigan logo on the top of the table – Go Blue!

Spiderlegs Small Folding Tray Tables

This small folding tray table folds into the size of a briefcase. Thus, it is perfect for times when you want to take your table with you – tailgate parties, camping, concerts or for use with you RV. It comes in red mahogany and is only two and a half inches thick when folded.

There are many uses for a TV tray tables set.

There are also many styles available. Vintage TV tray sets are proof that these sets have been popular for many years. In fact, your preferred style of design might be one of those vintage TV tray table sets that add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor.

An antique store, flea market, estate sale, or an online site is probably your best sources for locating a retro style TV tray table set. You can find them with nostalgic scenes painted on them or in the more common retro colors. These retro tables are usually made of metal construction and fold flat for easy storage.

Wooden TV tray table sets can be incorporated into almost any decor. You can use these more elegant tables as accent tables in your living area, your bedroom, or any space where you only have room for a small table. Many styles of these wooden TV trays fold and store neatly away on a matching wooden stand.

Wooden TV tray table sets can provide additional dining space when you are entertaining. They work well when used for the originally intended purpose which is to provide a space for you to eat while watching television. Having a set of these trays in your home gives you the perfect excuse to have family night once a week where the family gathers in front of the television for a casual meal together.

If you have a more modern decor in your home, you might prefer a wooden TV tray set with a black lacquered finish. These tray have a sleek, sophisticated look that makes them fit perfectly into a modern designed kitchen, dining, or living area.

A natural wood TV tray table set can be incorporated into a rustic decor. However, you also have the option of adding tray sets such as Horse Heaven Trays to your decor.

These trays have a beautiful pastoral scene with horses painted on them. They are absolutely too beautiful to store away when not in use. Some retro style TV trays have rural scenes such as barns or farmhouses painted on them.

You can conveniently use a TV tray table as a craft table.  TV tray tables can serve as a game table for playing card games or board games. And, you can easily carry tv tray tables to your patio area for extra dining space.

Throughout the ages, numerous innovations have already thrilled the greater density of the world’s population, keeping us more at pace with the unraveling of new inventions every now and then. The dynamics of technology has surprised each of the citizens more than ever, somehow letting go of the past and moving further with what’s recent in life. However, we cannot deny the fact that some of the most useful discoveries herein were created during the classical times, making them the primary basis of the newfound glories at the passing from one century to another.

One explicit example for that matter is the invention of a TV tray table. Simple as it sounds, this material is not as sophisticated as the other tools are but the service that it offers is more than what meets the eyes. A TV tray table is actually a kind of collapsible furniture also known as a personal or a portable table that can be folded and utilized almost anywhere. In such a case, a TV tray table functions in many ways.
You might start to wonder as to why this facile equipment is named after a popular appliance. Well, the TV tray table actually became prominent in the year 1950s for the purpose of holding food and beverages while watching television. Dating back to its historical times, this item eventually evolved into an icon for a TV dinner. National advertisements came to life two years later where a set of four were usually sold on a small rack where they were temporarily kept when not needed. In a normal household, a TV tray table is situated inside the living room in front of the couch or seating area.

Though the originator of the TV tray table is not really known until today, series of versions have sprouted along the hallways of fully furnished furniture throughout the decades. Despite the distinctions, these materials share a common ground, constituting two basic elements: the metal tray with grips underside and a set of tubular metal legs with rubberized tips. Practically, one can confirm its entirety through the characteristics mentioned earlier. However, with the advancement of technology, some of its manufacturing strategies have already been modified, oftentimes replacing the metal components to plastic ones.

There is actually a great variety of functionality present in this so-called TV tray table. To begin with, this table conducts a multitude of tasks. For one thing, a TV tray table can serve as a snack table and a versatile kind of tool that can act the following functions: TV stand, bedside table, occasional table and a placement stand for drinks at certain functions. What’s practical about the TV tray table is that it’s resilient enough to be folded and is easily adjustable for users who want to sit properly in a games space, living room, or dining area.
When it comes to elegance, it is apparent that the TV tray table can’t afford to have itself left behind. This type of furniture now comes with various colors, styles, finishes, and materials. Interestingly, it has managed to innovate itself as well, making it more and more contemporary in a matter of time.

As of the moment, there are already many different kinds of TV tray table that might suit each of a person’s taste. For instance, there is that light-weight table mate II that has the ability to adjust three various tilt positions that can be useful for computer work or any painting activity. At the same time, it also has six unique peak positions, making it a fine piece of furniture too.

Another example of a TV tray table would be the Carolina snack table that has a low-profile style thus making it very appropriate to use in outdoor getaways such as camps, picnics, or seaside activities. This usually comes with a strong hardwood for high resilience to endure its existence on outdoors and folds that are flat for easy accessibility. This is great if you don't have much space, since it is very compact in design.

In terms of the cost of the TV tray table, it ranges from $50 to more than a $100, depending on the design, finish, quality, and the complexity of the material. Although the size is generally small, the main fold of the TV tray table is normally large enough to accommodate a meal, some snacks, and some beverages. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much space and can easily be kept or put up. Essentially, no matter what the add-ons of the specific product is, a TV tray table chiefly functions within its basic premises.

In a nutshell, a TV tray table is indeed a practical and an efficient way to give solutions to space problems. Indeed, it can serve us in ways more than one despite its humble beginnings in the past. More often than not, most people find such type of product truly amazing since its utilization value is utterly undeniable. More and more people can attest to this truth through its long-time existence in the marketing industry. No matter how time changes, this classic piece of furniture would always fall into where it should be, not your ordinary table, but a table that sets the boundaries of innovation and creative thinking.