Wooden TV Tray Sets

One of the best purchases to make for your house is wooden TV tray sets. They are items that can be used for a variety of different things every day.

Wooden TV tray sets normally come in a set of 4 with a stand or rack. The trays are easily stored and accessed from the rack. They come in different colors to match the decor of your home. Children love to use TV trays in the living room to eat a meal while watching television. They can also color or do homework with these trays. Adults get good use out of them and can use them to read, eat or work on a laptop computer.

Winsome Wood TV Tray Set Winsome Wood TV Tray Set
List Price: $52.97
Sale Price: $52.81
You save: $0.16 (%)
Winsome Wood 42520 Alex Snack Table Natural Set 5 Pc Winsome Wood 42520 Alex Snack Table Natural Set 5 Pc
List Price: $112.49
Sale Price: $83.29
You save: $29.20 (26%)
Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, Walnut Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, Walnut
Sale Price: $127.49
PJ Wood 5-piece Folding TV Tray & Snack Table - Natural PJ Wood 5-piece Folding TV Tray & Snack Table - Natural
Sale Price: $75.75

Wooden TV Tray Sets

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding uses for wooden TV tray sets. Once they are purchased, there is never a time that they cannot come into great use.

Wooden TV Tray Sets

TV trays have been around for years – and with good reason. They're great to have around when company drops by and you run out of table room. They're perfect for snacking while watching the big game. They're ideal for college dorms and housewarming gifts for newlyweds. What's now available is a surprising variety of styles, finishes and price points among wooden TV tray sets currently on the market. Today's consumer looking for average or better quality wooden TV tray sets has much better choices than the wobbly particleboard affairs from 30 years ago. Here are some of the latest, with a range of manufacturers and prices from just under $40 to $165.

Furio offers 5-piece rectangular wooden TV tray sets of light solid wood frame with veneer (type unspecified – appeared similar to light oak or beech) with a clear natural finish. This set of 4 tables plus stand would fit well with informal modern or transitional furnishings. Priced also at $39.99 the dimensions of these wooden TV tray sets are a generous 26.5" high x19.25"long x 14.5" wide. This set was also given an 'average' rating by most of the reviewers. One of the complaints concerned wobbly legs – not a good thing for something holding hot food! Most were positive concerning overall construction and finish.

Another affordable and contemporary-looking 5-piece set in solid rubberwood by Grand Alliance with easy-care rectangular tops and solid black finish. At only $39.99 for 4 tables plus stand, these wooden TV tray sets fit in well with most styles. Dimensions are 26.5" high x 19.25" long x 14.5" wide. Ratings for this wooden TV tray set were also 'average' with comments such as 'sturdy' and 'stable'; the downside was due to some minor chipping of finish.

Moving up a bit to the midrange price area are theses 5-piece beech wooden TV tray set of 4 tables and stand with clear natural finish on its rectangular tops for a clean modern look by Winsome Wood. At $60 for the set, the tables are wide enough to hold a good-sized meal with their smooth wide tops – dimensions are 19" long x 14.5" wide x 25.5" high. While there a couple of thumbs-down due to screw punctures and stand splits, it was rated as 'sturdy' and 'solid' by most of the reviewers, giving these wooden TV tray sets a high-end 'average.'

Among the most attractive sets are these 5-piece rectangular wooden TV tray sets priced at $89.99 that feature 4 trays plus stand in light wood that also got high-end 'average' ratings from reviewers, most due to its sturdy and stable construction. It would go well with Scandinavian or other modern furniture styles with its light wood and clean lines. Dimensions are 19" long x 14.5" wide x 25.5" high. Like other sets, most complaints dealt with issues with the finish and some assembly problems of these attractive wooden TV tray sets.

Again from Winsome Wood comes solid beech wooden TV tray sets of 4 tables and stand with an elegant black walnut finish, perfect for most traditional to modern décor. The dimensions are 25.5" high x 23.75" long x 14.5" wide. With a high 'average' for its appearance and overall construction most consumers gave it high marks for appearance and serviceability. The downsides were small chips and nicks as well as well as some hardware issues. These wooden TV tray sets are priced at a very reasonable $92.99.

Winsome Wood produces more pretty and very serviceable oval 5-piece wooden TV tray sets (4 trays plus stand) in wood and wood composites with an antique black walnut finish. Dimensions are 23.7" long x 15.8"wide x 25.5" high. The price is $97.99 and the softened oval shape and antique finish would allow it to fit well with more traditional furnishings. In several reviews these wooden TV tray sets were rated on the high end of 'average' due to their wide surfaces and sturdy construction, although a couple of reviewers gave them lower marks for chips and scratches on the finish.

Another Winsome offering among its selections of wooden TV tray sets is a 5-piece (4 trays plus stand) in a light oak finish, designed to coordinate with most decors from traditional to modern. The dimensions are another generous 26.5" high x 14.5" wide x 19.25" long. These were also given high-end 'average' ratings, mostly due to need for assembly. These wooden TV tray sets are priced at $99.

Finally, there's the wooden TV tray sets with the whimsical and eye-catching vintage wine bottle-label graphics on the table tops. Priced at $165 a set these solid wood sets of 4 tables plus stand would be a charming addition to a home with Country French or Tuscany-style décor. The table tops come in different colors (red, green, ivory and black) with several coats of clear protective finish and were given a high 'average' for their vintage charm and sturdy construction. Their dimensions are 25.5 "high x 19.5" long x 14.5 "wide.

Wooden TV tray sets are a wonderful must-have for anyone needing an attractive practical way to stretch their serving space. The offer the convenience of portability and versatility – many reviewers also reported using them to hold laptops! Bon appetite, everyone!