Wood TV Tray Sets

When deciding on an easy solution for eating dinner and watching television at the same time, Wood TV Tray Sets are a good choice. These sturdy and personal tables fit the needs of those who want to enjoy a meal with their favorite television program. TV Tray sets come in a variety of different wood finishes to fit any room’s décor and style.

Wood TV Tray Sets

Wood TV Tray Sets can have a variety of multi-use functions including, an end table or television stand. TV Tray sets can be used to place your laptop computer on to get some homework done in your living area or to place craft supplies on as you work on a project. These small tables are an affordable and functional piece of furniture.

Winsome Wood TV Tray Set Winsome Wood TV Tray Set
List Price: $52.97
Sale Price: $52.81
You save: $0.16 (%)
Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, Walnut Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, Walnut
Sale Price: $127.49
Winsome Wood 22520 Alex Snack Table, Black Winsome Wood 22520 Alex Snack Table, Black
List Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $67.29
You save: $52.70 (44%)
5 Piece TV Tray Snack Dinner Folding Table Set 5 Piece TV Tray Snack Dinner Folding Table Set
List Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $70.61
You save: $19.38 (22%)

Wood TV Tray Sets

Nostalgic and handsome, wood tv tray sets have a multi use facility for any home setting. These trays are versatile and can stand alone, or be lap top specific. The internet opens up a wide arena from which to find the tv tray set that will fit best into any decor. Choose from types of woods, finishes, and styles. Whether the intended purpose for the trays are to enhance a collection, to start a collection or even for praticle use, the choices are many.

The styles that are available for wood tv tray sets are quite varied. The shapes include oval, rectangular, square and round. They all come with the standard legs that the more nostalgic, original tv tray sets had. While many of these sets can be bought in a multitude of sizes, the average tray set includes four, six, eight, and twelve trays respectively. The most popular denomination of trays in one set is four.

The wood tv tray legs are also foldable. This makes them easy to move around and easy to store. Many times, like their tin and aluminum couterparts they fold flat for easy storage and moving. Many of the sets even include a caddy or storage unit with legs. These storage units hold the total number of trays in the set. The caddy makes moving the trays from room to room a snap as well.

Wood tv tray sets are also very durable. They can withstand quite a beating. The consumer can expect to be able to use and enjoy the tray sets for many years. Their luster and beauty can be restored if they fade at all. Usually a simple wood cleaner with a soft cloth cannot only keep them looking good, but can restore them from being dull.

One of the key benefits of wood tv tray sets is that they can be finished in a large variety if finishes. Wood trays can also be painted or left in their natural state of beauty. A clear lacquer can be applied to the wood to keep it safe from deterioration if the individual chooses to have a natural finish to the trays. Other choices of finishes also include maple, redwood, and cherry wood finishes.

In terms of designs on your wood tv tray sets, they can be etched or painted. Some of the painted sets are quite stunning. Intricate geometric designs, simple flowers with a painted etched trim and even lighthiuses and ships can be painted on to the surface of the trays. If the individual prefers, they can have customized painted wood trays made that bear the individual's initials, name, or even favorite tv character on them.

Their unique material fabrication also allows for carvings to be put in the trays. These wood tv tray sets are usually thick enough that a person can have engravings and etchings put in the sides or top of the tray. This allows for a very unique and original pattern that will be exclusive to the individual tray set the consumer is purchasing.

Wood tv tray sets are also available in sets of nesting tables. These sets are typically in sets of three. Once again they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The consumer can choose a set that has all three tables the same set, or they can choose a set that includes a variety of shapes. These trays sets do not fold flat, although all three tables in the set do store one in another.

Another variety of wood tv tray sets is new to the tv tray scene. It is a folding tv tray table. It is a little larger than the standard or original tv tray set. These tv tray tables are made of wood and tend to be finished in rosewood, maple, natural, and mahoganey finishes. Many individuals also use these tv tray tables as laptop computer desks as well. These tv tray tables have sturdier legs and larger tops that make using them for a laptop ideal.

Wood tv tray sets can also be acquired as bed tv trays. These trays have shorter legs and are able to fit over the individual's lap when they are served breakfast in bed, or are sick and do not want to get out of bed. These shorter tv tray sets are also very easy to store and use. they make the ideal table when teens want to do their makeup or homework while in bed. They are also perfect fro smaller children for puzzles, coloring, and even snacks.

No matter what kind of wood tv tray sets the consumer chooses they will find them quite useful and handy to have around. They can make a beautiful accent to your den or living room, and will even be abeautiful addition to your porch or outdoor dining experiences. A wood tv tray can be used for many different entertainment and meal situations.

Whether the individual is just getting the wood tv tray sets to use in front of the television while watching their favorite shows, or if they are using them as accents or collectors' items, the trays will prove their usefulness quickly. Painted, finished, or etched the wood trays will make an ideal addition to any set or home decor.