Wood TV Trays

Wood TV Trays

Wood TV trays are the choice of many consumers who find themselves eating in their living areas more often than at a dining table. With today's busy schedules many families are combining casual meals with time spent together. Whether it be in from of the TV or just gathered in the great room sharing information about their days.

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Wood TV Trays for Small Living Spaces

The fact that many young urban professionals live in the heart of a big city means they have smaller square footage to work with with it comes to living space. Wood TV trays provide a sturdy, functional solution that takes the place of a large dining table. The fact that they are able to be folded and stored away when not in use is a definite plus.

Wood TV Trays

Wood TV trays have been in existence for many, many years. The first TV trays were likely based on the same idea as the "car hop" or "drive-in" fast food stands of the 1950, such as we used to see on the television show "Happy Days", and were made of various types of metal, like tin or aluminum. A lot of folks born back then remember when TV trays were first shown on television, which was also pretty new at the time.

It is also interesting to note that many people assume wood TV trays were created to accommodate the first "TV Dinners". However, that would be incorrect. The TV trays came first.

Today, there are more updated and sturdier versions of the TV trays of old. There are many styles and colors available in wood TV trays. The wood TV trays of today can be plain or fancy; thin or thick; light or heavy, dark wood or light wood; premium wood or cheaper, particle board; or any wood in between. There are even some TV trays with non-skid surfacing to keep your dishes or anything else from sliding around the tray.

The best wood TV trays have legs that lock from underneath, using a hook mechanism much like you would find under a fine dining room table to hold the leaf sections together. The legs themselves on some of the wood TV trays are very substantial, or thick in diameter.

Wood TV trays have multiple uses in the home. Aside from the obvious use for sitting in front of the television, with your dinner on one of your wood TV trays, there are many other things these objects are useful for. You could use a pretty oak TV tray for a plant stand in your formal dining room, or any room for that matter.

You could place one of the wood TV trays on the upper landing of your staircase to place a vase of dried or even live flowers on to beautify the space. There are also those homes with a large palladium window above the front door. Up on the shelf or alcove area above that front door, you could place a chair and a wood TV tray in front of the window, using it to hold a vase or an urn with flowers or stalks in it. And around Christmas time, that same wood TV tray could be used to hold a small, lighted Christmas tree to light up that big window area.

Another household use for wood TV trays is as a game table. If you have children, they could play their little card games on one of them, and there could be another one right there to hold their drinks and snacks for them. Actually, that could be said of the adults, such as married couples who may play Rummy or Pitch. It would be awesome to use a wood TV tray to play Backgammon on.

For use in the more detached areas of the home, like the garage, wood TV trays would come in handy for the mechanic who likes to tinker all day on various automotive projects. He could have his lunch made and brought out to him in the garage and placed on the tray. The tray's surface would sure be a lot cleaner than the work bench, and after he got done with the snack, he could fold up the tray and put away for safe keeping.

The same idea would pertain to the shed that may be on the property. The husband may need to go to the shed to work on a small carpentry project. Wood TV trays would be handy for him, to set his drink on or his sandwich or other snack item. In fact, a wood TV tray is of such a size that it could be easily covered to protect the drink and food from dust, bugs, and wood particles that may become airborne during a woodworking project.

Wood TV trays are also great to take with you in your camper or mobile home. If you like to camp with your family, a wood TV tray would be useful just about anywhere at your campsite. It could be used to hold a weather radio and a small stereo right outside your camper door. If you have a couple sets of wood TV trays, you could each use a tray at meal times, and then in the evening and into the night, you could each use your wood TV tray to help hold your various activity or entertainment items, such as crossword puzzle or word search books, card games, small board games like checkers or chess, or even puzzles. Maybe you could take 4 of the wood TV trays and butt them right up next to each other to house a bigger board game like Monopoly. Of course, for all you gamers out there, you could of course use the wood TV trays to set your laptop on so you could play your computer games if you wanted to.

Yes, wood TV trays have much history and a great many uses and have come a long way since our parents were kids. And wood TV trays make great wedding gifts! Just food for thought.