Vintage TV Trays

vintage tv trays

Large screen TV’s, high definition and interactive games define the modern living room. Remotes, Sudoku puzzles and even laptops clutter the area. Snacks come in bucket proportions or non-biodegradable bags. So how to simplify with a dash of panache? Vintage TV trays!

Vintage TV Trays

Trays meant for oven-cooked TV dinners are perfect in today's den. They have motifs that range from golfing to 'Go Go' Boots, are found in every shade and hue, and, being re-purposed, are better for the environment. Better yet, serving pieces from dawn of the television era are smaller, which make keeping treats in proportion to June Cleaver's waistline!

Go for vintage convenience, cut down on the clutter and downsize calories with Vintage TV Trays. The landfills and your lifestyle will thank you!

Vintage TV Trays

Believe it or not, but Vintage TV Trays are all the rage this season! People everywhere are snagging them up for numerous different reasons. Some people are finding great deals, where others are paying a pretty high price for their beloved childhood hero displayed on a Vintage TV Tray. Who would have ever thought that something our mothers fed us on in the 50's and 60's would have turned into such the big deal?

If you're still reading this article then either you know someone that is or you yourself are interested in Vintage TV Trays. Maybe you loved using them as a child and it brings back fond childhood memories for you. And why wouldn't it? With all of the awesome characters that use to come on these trays, I'm sure there is one that would light up anyone's face! A personal favorite of mine would have to be the Disney trays. Something about see Mickey Mouse at dinner time each night just makes me smile.

One great option that people are finding these trays useful for is pop art! Yes, you heard me right, pop art! Often times you will see the lap vintage TV trays hanging on walls inside homes, or even propped up on a table with other frames and maybe a plant. I've even see people use them as backs for dinning room chairs. They are great outside as well. Because the a made from metal, they with hold the weather fairly decent. They tend to rust a bit over time from rain and such, but other than that ... you can find a great spot in your backyard for your vintage TV trays as well.

The stand up vintage TV trays are also quite popular with the art world here recently. You can find these often times as you walk through the door at a home. They are paired with a unique mirror and a chair, possibly a lamp to light the area. They give a great uniqueness that you can't get from an ordinary table. They are also used for wall art by just being propped up against a wall. Maybe with a blanket thrown across it to lighten the feel of the room.

I'm sure you can imagine that depending on a number of certain details about vintage TV trays, they can in fact be quite valuable. Take for instance any celebrity that has passed away. If you have some type of merchandise with them or even a character they played, then you could have something of value on your hands. For example, if you were to have a Micheal Jackson TV tray, the chances are you could have not only a piece of history, but something worth some real money. This is where they start getting expensive.

When valuing a vintage TV tray there are many things to consider. The first being what the manufacturing date is. Of course the older the piece, the more value it will hold. The next thing to look at is the condition. The better the condition the better the price basically. Next, there will be a difference in price for the stand up trays verses the lap trays that were used for sitting on the couch. If you happen to have an entire set, then that will be worth more, as well as if you have the stand along with the stand up trays.

The next thing to look at when considering the value of vintage TV trays is what's on it. Like we talked about before, if there is something you know is considered to be valued high ... like a character or person then you know you're vintage tv tray is worth some cash. Normally they don't go over a couple hundred dollars that I know of. But this is still substantial considering what they we worth in their time.

If you look at your vintage TV trays verses a TV tray you could buy today and most stores, then you will see many difference. Mainly in the material it is build with. We don't see many aluminum and metal stand up tray anymore. Most of them today are made from wood, in various shades and grains. they are also made of better quality these days. Because the material is more durable, they seem to last longer than they use to as well.

Keep in mind that these vintage TV trays can really be used for anything. Even if you don't want to decorate with them, they are great for things all over the house. Say your husband is working on the car and you don't want oil and stuff leaking all over your driveway. These are great to slide up under the part of the car he is working on. Although this may seem like an odd use for vintage TV trays, it just goes to show you really can use them for anything.

So if you happen to come across some vintage TV trays or you possible already have some. First see if they are of any real value. If not, see if you can use them anywhere around the house. Get creative and see how many different things you can actually use vintage TV trays for.