Tablemate TV Tray Sets

Tablemate TV Tray Sets provide a great way to watch the big game or enjoy your favorite TV shows with everything you need right in front of you. You can use Tablemate TV Tray Sets for meals, surfing the web, or just about anything. The 4 trays require no assembly and fold for easy storage. They even come with a convenient stand.

Tablemate TV Tray Sets come with a natural wood finish that looks good in any room, so you can use them for the kitchen, dining room, or wherever you like. If you're looking for quality, durable TV trays for game nights, or everyday viewing, these trays are not only convenient, but look great, too. When you're done just fold them up and go.

Table Mate II Folding TV Tray (Mocha) Table Mate II Folding TV Tray (Mocha)
Sale Price: $39.95
Table-Mate XL TV Tray Table (Black) Table-Mate XL TV Tray Table (Black)
Sale Price: $62.95
Table-Mate 4 Kids Plastic Folding Table and Chair Set (Red/Blue/Yellow) Table-Mate 4 Kids Plastic Folding Table and Chair Set (Red/Blue/Yellow)
Sale Price: $49.95
Table-Mate V Wheelchair Tray and Overbed Table (White) Table-Mate V Wheelchair Tray and Overbed Table (White)
List Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $59.95
You save: $20.00 (25%)

Tablemate TV Tray Sets

Tablemate TV Tray Sets

Tablemate TV Tray Sets are a handy item to have around the house. With their unique leg design they slide up under furniture to allow food and crafts to be closer to the user, without the user having to sit on the edge of the sofa or chair to reach it comfortably. Some sets even come with built-in cup holders on each tray to help prevent accidental spilling of drinks.

Availability in different colors and finishes, including a wood-grain look, gives them the ability to fit into almost any d├ęcor, yet they still fold to be able to fit into a small area for storage when not in use. The easy-clean surface of Tablemate TV Tray Sets keeps them looking new looking and stain free.

Tablemate TV Tray Sets are ideal for company, a family evening in front of the TV, the hobbyist, crafters, children, elderly people and people recovering from injury or accident. These tables are also ideal for those who suffer from mobility issues, as sliding them across the floor to get them closer does not cause the legs to collapse as it did in the old style of TV trays. While the old style TV trays have legs that cross on each side, preventing them from being drawn up close to a person, Tablemate TV Tray Sets, with their innovative leg design, allow the tray to be placed close to the user, with a portion of the leg sliding up under the furniture. This design also allows the trays to be used beside furniture and fitting over chair or sofa arms, placing a surface beside a person to hold condiments, snacks, crafting supplies, etc., within easy reach, while the main work is done in front of them with another tray.

Tablemate TV Tray Sets have another unique feature; there are six height adjustments on the legs, giving them even more versatility. When used with child-sized furniture, the legs can be shortened to a suitable height, and then the same table can be quickly and easily adjusted to be taller, giving adults with full-sized furniture a comfortable height as well. There is no need to buy a set of adult sized trays and a child sized set, one Tablemate TV Tray Sets will fit both.

Tablemate TV Tray Sets also have another innovative feature, not only do the legs adjust in height and have no crossed legs to get in the way of sliding it up close to the user, but the tray itself can be used either flat, as a table, or angled to become a surface to use for writing, drawing, painting and other craft purposes. With each tray having three angles the flat surface can be adjusted to, besides the standard flat, these are the most versatile and user friendly small portable tables on the market today.

The uses for Tablemate TV Tray Sets are only limited by your imagination and needs. Placed against a wall at the end of a buffet table, they can hold the plates, tableware and napkins. Place another at the other end for condiments. Going camping or out for a picnic? Take your Tablemate TV Tray Sets with you to be used as a table while preparing sandwiches or for eating from, the leg style will allow them to be pulled up close to even the folding canvas camp chairs, and with the adjustable height they will always be the right height for you. Tablemate TV Tray Sets also make excellent surfaces for using as laptop computer tables, making full use of the ability to tilt the surface at an angle for ease in typing.

An entire set of four Tablemate TV Tray Sets, with the stand, only weighs about 32 pounds, yet each table can support up to 50 pounds on its tubular steel legs. The weight of each individual table is about 6 pounds making them light and easy to transport. The generous surface size of 20 inches by 15 inches gives plenty of room for many projects and uses and the 6 height adjustments ranging from 21 inches to 28.5 inches allow these tables to be used in many different situations and settings. The 18.25 inches between the legs aids in the stability of this table, making it very sturdy, stable and usable for many different purposes. There are no cross braces between the legs to bump into on the Tablemate TV Tray Sets, reducing the risk of knocking the table over when you shift position.

Tablemate TV Tray Sets fold up into individual units flat and small enough to be slid under most pieces of furniture for individual storage, while use of the stand gives them the ability to be stored in a corner or in the bottom of a coat closet out of the way.

When purchased new and unassembled, the Tablemate TV Tray Sets are very simple and easy to assemble and have ready for use. No tools are needed as everything snaps together or tightens down by hand. Storage is as simple as folding them either completely to store flat or on the rack or partial folding to store them stacked.

Every household, of any size, could find myriad uses for these small, versatile tables. Once you own the Tablemate TV Tray Sets, you will find them to be indispensable and wonder how you ever got along without them.