Tablemate TV Trays

Tablemate TV TraysTablemate TV trays are designed to be able to slide the feet of the table under a couch or a bed to get the tray closer to you. They are an excellent tray to provide a workspace, a craft-making table, or to use for a food tray. They can be used at the side of the bed for those who are ill and with the adjustable height and angle, it can be positioned to suit anyone’s needs.

Sturdy Tablemate TV Trays

Made from a plastic material, the tablemate TV trays are easily taken apart to store. They are great to take to friends or relatives house for someone who needs to sit and cannot walk through the home. They would have their own table no matter where they were.

Tablemate TV Trays

Tablemate TV Trays is the ultimate adjustable and portable folding table, and offers many uses to the owner. The table slides up to the users body, and can be used in a variety of settings and situations. Whether you want to eat dinner at your couch and need a table, need a desk for a writing pad, are looking for a laptop stand while seated at your couch, a place for your kids to play games and do puzzles, or whatever other use that the consumer can think of. It is extremely easy to put together, can be used anywhere and for any purpose, is durable, adjustable, and can fit in any room of your home.

The Tablemate TV Trays are made of durable polypopylene top, a painted steel base, the tray adjusts to six different heights, can be angled in several ways (up and down), easily folds up for storage, and offers a sturdy stand for any use. The Tablemate TV Trays can be used in the home or on the go, is great for all ages, and can fit in any room of your home.

The Tablemate TV Trays slide right up to the users body, and is so lightweight it can be moved with one finger. It takes virtually no time to put together, and no tools or fasteners are required, meaning any consumer regardless of construction capabilities, can put the Tablemate TV Trays together.

It can easily fold up for storage under the couch, or in a tight fitting corner of a room, and if you own more than one Tablemate TV Trays, you can easily stack them on top of each other for storage. The Tablemate TV Trays are great for anyone with mobility issues as well, since it slides right up to your body, the Tablemate TV Trays are great for anyone recovering from injury or operation.

The Tablemate TV Trays are also great for watching tv and eating a meal at the couch. There are no cross-braces underneath, so you can sit comfortably in front of it. No matter how tall or short you are, the Tablemate TV Trays can adjust in three different ways, to the body, to any activity you are doing, and to whatever location you are sitting at, and provide the ultimate comfort for any user, regardless of height.

The Tablemate TV Trays offer the perfect platform to eat a meal, or write a paper. The versatility and the ways you use it, are only limited by the users imagination. It is a great resource for anyone, and can allow you to sit anywhere, and do any activity, anywhere. No matter what want to use the table for, it can probably be utilized in that way.

The Tablemate TV Trays are ideal for eating, using your laptop, a study desk, reading, playing board games, or anything the user wants to use it for. It is ideal for your kids putting together a 3d puzzle, or playing games with friends. The Tablemate TV Trays are sturdy, and offer a flat base for all projects and artwork your kids are looking to do. Whatever you can do on a table, you can do on the portable Tablemate TV Trays.

The Tablemate TV Trays are extremely versatile, can be used anywhere in the home, anywhere on the road, and is a great product for all uses. It can make a great gift for someone else, or a great gift to yourself. With easy adjustment with just the click of a button, the most lightweight product, and unbelievable quality, it is a great invention.

No matter what you decide to use your Tablemate TV Trays, you are going to love the quality and durability of the product. When you are deciding on a product which offers several uses, for any user, and the most versatility around, the Tablemate TV Trays are a great purchase choice for any consumers. You can be guaranteed that you will enjoy the use of this product, and can imagine just about anything to use the table for - just use your imagination, and you will find a new look for the table.

If the option of eating dinner at your couch, without making a mess, isn't enough for you to consider the Tablemate TV Trays, the other features you get should sell any consumer today. If you have elderly parents or grandparents living at home, the tray offers a great place for them to eat, and not have to be bothered by getting up to the table for dinner. Or, if you spouse has a broken leg or wrist, making them a home cooked meal, and delivering it to the Tablemate TV Trays, right at their couch, is a great way to use the tv tray.

Maybe you want to play a card game with friends, or play a game on your laptop, and don't want to sit at a desk, the these tv trays, are a great resource for you to do these activities, right from the comfort of your couch. For ultimate durability, any use you can imagine, and use by any consumer (regardless of age, height and size), the Tablemate TV Trays are a great purchase and for a great price.