Retro TV Tray Sets

Retro TV Tray Sets are a unique way to add some fun and interest to any living space. Most Retro TV trays are made out of metal and have some distinct design or logo printed on theme. Not only can Retro TV trays be useful they also add character to the room and many times provide for an interesting conversation piece.

Remodeling your cabin, family room or deck would not be complete without adding one of the most useful pieces of furniture available, the TV tray set. There are many different varieties and styles to choose from. Most styles will include a stand and four tables in a variety of wood or metal styles. A great way to add some personality to your remodel is to add one of the cool Retro TV Tray Sets.

Retro TV Tray Sets

Retro TV Tray Sets

Most people remember the classic TV trays of yesteryears. In the 1950’s and the 1960’s classic metal TV trays were stacked neatly against most walls in the dens of many homes across America. These great Retro TV Trays came in an assortment of colors and designs. In fact the Retro TV Trays of yesteryear were so popular they were almost showcased in prime time TV shows throughout the decades of the 50’s and 60’s. We’d see them on; Leave it to Beaver, Happy Days, The Dick Van Dyke Show and I love Lucy. In fact there was always some show character placing a chilled drink or carrying a tray to serve food or beverages in many of these old classic shows. Owning these special trays brought a feeling of comfort and interconnectedness to many people across America.

Some of the most popular Retro TV Trays were of the classic era of the 1950’s and 1960’s. These TV trays were often made of metal materials and could easily detach from their metal stands to be used as a serving tray as well. These Retro TV Trays were painted in an array of colors and were a classic accessory for snacks and drinks while entertaining casual company. They were often used to serve the ill in bed or for a romantic or kind gesture of breakfast in bed.

Many Retro TV Trays featured characters or themes while others still could be rather plain or with flowers. Many of the primary colors of the older Retro TV Trays were tan, black, dark blue, red and cream colored. Those that were decorated with delicate floral designs and were so popular they were almost a household standard along with coasters.

While most Retro TV Trays were rectangular there were some that were more squared in shapes and others that were even oval. Most of them came with matching metal stands although some did not. In fact most of the Retro TV Trays of the 1950’s through the 1980’s could easily be interchangeable with a used set of metal stands if some were lost or damaged and could be purchased at tag sales quite readily.

Some Retro TV Trays were geared more for the afternoon barbeque. These would often be made of metal or wood and come in a series of classic designs. Some of the older Retro TV Trays were even painted with cartoon caricatures of men working tirelessly over the hot grill accented with sizzling meat. These were often painted in the classic red, black and white barbeque colors.

Another popular Retro TV Tray is the plastic multi colored trays of the 1960’s. These Retro TV Trays often came in soft colored pastels and were quite popular around the poolside. Their pastel colors made them perfect for any outdoor event and as such were used quite readily at home and, on family camping trips and special outing like picnics. Because of their plastic material they were suitable for a multitude of weather conditions.

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the manufacture of children’s TV trays became an especially popular item. These were usually made of plastic and had a variety of designs ranging from Disney movie characters to the vast array of popular children’s cartoon, book or movie characters. From Jim Henson’s Muppets to the Care Bears and from DC Comic characters like Superman to Barbie Dolls these trays flooded the children’s market. The uses of these Retro TV Trays were varied and became quite popular. They were used for everything. Kids loved them for tea parties, craft tables, lemonade stands or for carrying sleepover goodies to a room full of giggling kids.

Another great use for the old Retro TV Trays was for sewing, needlepoint or knitting materials. For many women who worked these crafts these great trays were portable to use while sitting in the easy chair, or sitting on the couch and were great to hold the much needed accessories.

The summer months brought a myriad of additional uses for these household mainstays. Retro TV Trays were great for camping, porch sitting with a glass of cold Iced Tea or Lemonade or for a classic out door picnic. Additionally in the summer months kids often used the old Retro TV Trays for placing a radio or cassette player out in the yard to listen to music.

While the 90’s saw a much continued use for Retro TV Trays they also saw some changes. The era was a time of a classier wooden framed Retro TV Trays. The materials used could be Tiki woods, pressure treated woods, oak and pine woods. In fact the 90’s evolved these into a more luxury item as well with fancier ones created utilizing the more expensive wood products like cherry wood.

No matter what the use Retro TV Trays were and are great for any family or entertainment use. Today the old classic styles remain popular and inspire manufacturers to continue to make them. The styles have changed over the years but some of them remain classic and are still manufactured today such as the children’s TV trays and floral designed trays crafted of metal and wood. Retro TV Trays are still the perfect gift for any household and help keep alive the wonderful nostalgia of yesteryears.