Metal TV Trays

Metal TV TraysProbably one of the great inventions of our time are metal tv trays. Their sturdy structure outlasts any conventional t.v. tray or your typical breakfast in bed types. These simple creations have come a long way since the lap and bed versions!

Newest Metal TV Trays

The latest models of metal t.v. trays are solid enough for your laptop and still sturdy enough to hold your food and drink. If you are someone who works from home or wants to work in front of the television, these trays add comfort and are situated in a manner to give you proper posture. A lot of the newer models now have wheels to make things even easier if you need to move to another room or have to get up quick to answer the phone.

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Metal TV Trays

No one knows who deserves the credit for inventing metal TV trays. It is known that they were invented in the early 1950s. Many people mistakenly believe that metal TV trays were invented following the creation of TV dinners. Actually, the trays came first and it was the creation of TV dinners that greatly increased the popularity of the trays. TV trays could be found in many homes in the 1950s and are still a popular accessory in homes today. It is often thought that the inspiration for the invention of TV trays came from the trays that were used at drive-in theaters. People enjoyed eating while watching a movie and that simple pleasure progressed to people enjoying dinner or snacks while watching TV at home.

Metal TV trays are a popular collectible. Trays that depict TV shows such as "I Love Lucy", cartoon characters such as Popeye, or musical groups such as the Beatles are highly sought after by serious collectors. Vintage trays with an advertising theme such as trays advertising Coca Cola are also very popular with collectors. Trays that simply reflect the lifestyle or artistic design style of a particular era also intrigue decorators and collectors.

Metal TV trays most certainly still serve a useful purpose in many homes today. They are an excellent way for a family to enjoy a special "family night" while having dinner in front of the TV. They are ideal for times when you have friends over for movie and popcorn. They're also still great when used for their original purpose of eating while watching TV.

Metal TV trays are great when kids have friends over and there's not enough space at the dinner table for everyone. Kids think it's fun to be served on a metal folding tray, especially if the design on the tray depicts something they can relate to. Boys would love to be served on a tray with a pirate or cowboy theme. Girls would feel special being served on metal TV trays with pink polka dots, a beautiful carousel, or lovely floral designs. You can find metal TV trays with a more modern TV theme such as "American Idol" that tweens and teens would enjoy using.

Vintage metal TV trays often came with a stand that held the trays when they were not being used. There was a clip on the tray that fit over one side. Once it was unclipped, the tray would drop down and could be conveniently stored on the stand. Some sets were designed so that one of the four trays had rollers which made it easy to move the entire unit of trays to the area where they were kept until it was time to use them again. In the mid to late 1900s, it was not uncommon to see TV trays hung on the wall in homes while waiting to be used whenever they were needed.

The ease with which metal TV trays fold, store, and can be set up make them desirable accessories in homes today. The trend toward living in smaller homes often makes it necessary to be creative when choosing accessories for the home. Metal TV trays can be stored behind a door, under a bed or sofa, or in a small closet. They can be hung on the wall in a utility room or because of their decorative appearance, they could also be hung as a functional display in the kitchen.

Modern designed homes typically have a basic black and white color scheme. Metal TV trays in a vintage design can be the burst of brightness a modern home needs. Black trays with vibrant colored flowers could be incorporated into a modern style home. You could also use metal TV trays with typical vintage colors such as yellow, orange, green, red, or blue. You can liven up the atmosphere of a any room when you serve guests snacks on vibrant, beautifully designed vintage TV trays.

Metal TV trays are easy to move from place to place. They can be carried outside so that you, your family, and friends can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, or evening snacks while sitting on a deck, patio, or balcony. Setting up the trays takes only seconds as does unclipping them. for storage purposes. Be sure to take the trays in when you're finished using them so that rain or bright sunlight doesn't damage them.

Metal TV trays can be used for purposes other than providing a surface for holding a plate of food. They can be set up and used as a craft table. Jigsaw puzzles can be put together on a TV tray. You can move the tray to an unused corner of the room while working on a time consuming craft project or puzzle. The trays can also be used as a plant stand. They can serve as a vanity type table when space is limited.

People continue to buy metal TV trays for their original purpose and also for nostalgic reasons. Collectors treasure them. Many people simply love the convenience of having additional dining space when needed. Metal TV trays seem to blend in with modern lifestyles just as well as they did with the lifestyles at the time they were invented.