Lap Tray Sets

At one time people would eat their supper on lap tray sets and watch television as a family. These lap tray sets have been made of wood, plastic and metal. Today, people are still using these trays to eat their supper or other meals on. They are convenient and easy to use and they have multiple uses as well.

Lap Tray Sets

Television tray sets are used for more than just eating supper off of. They can be used when reading by propping a book on them. They are also useful for children to use in the living room to color on or play with toys. Television trays come in many different designs and colors from basic wood to blue metal. There are also vintage trays that can become collectibles.

Lap Tray Sets

Many people look at a lap tray set and wonder exactly where these items came from, mind you, not who made the item, but who invented it. The best place to start is to look at where most of the inventive marvels of our world seemed to have gotten their start which is ancient Egypt. Evidence has shown that there was a type of folding tray table that was utilized during this time period. Given the resourcefulness of our forefathers it’s not difficult to conceive that when necessity demands it, ingenuity rises to the occasion. This factor makes the idea that a folding tray table was developed centuries ago not that far fetched of an idea.

Aside from the evidence that alludes to the Egyptians development of a folding tray table of sorts, the true source of the concept and development of the lap tray sets is really unknown. It makes one wonder if the person who came up with base idea that led to the perfected model of this household item everyone no utilizes, had any idea of how one simple idea would set an entire trend for society. Imagine the idea that a simple little idea that was brought about as a result of someone’s need ends up resulting in something that sweeps across the world and becomes a household trend. This idea is enough to overwhelm a person when looked at in retrospect.

Although lap tray sets are most often connected with the popularity of television, these sets were actually utilized as early as the 1940’s. While television sets actually made their first appearance in homes in the 1940’s, they did not become a household item until the 1950’s. Beforehand, radios were the main source of outside entertainment in the home, just as people gather around the television today to watch their favorite program, during radio’s time families gathered around to listen to their favorite radio shows. While lap tray sets were not the standard household item, they were still utilized, although not exactly as they are today.

Lap tray sets have actually been around for many, many years, although in the form that gave birth to the title of lap tray sets. When a person was ill and could not leave their bed, lap tray sets were utilized to serve their food in bed. Of course over the years lap tray sets have evolved.

As the advent of radio came into being lap tray sets began sprouting up more in the form that we are familiar with today. There are two basic designs of lap tray sets, the ones with legs and the ones without. Although not used very often, lap tray sets were being used during the time when radios were as big as television sets. Families would sometimes gather around to listen to their favorite program while enjoying their dinner.

As the 1950’s approached and television sets became a household item, lap tray sets began playing a new role in the fabric of the American household. The construction of the T.V tray set also took a new turn. Before these sets became such a household item, the few that were previously utilized tended to be made of wood, although the materials later changed as did the design.

One of the most popular wooden lap tray set designs was based on a theory of slide and brace. The wooden tray portion is connected to a set of legs that are joined about midway down to another set that are cut somewhat shorter then the connected set. A bracket is attached to the underside of the tray top and the shorter legs slide to the end of the bracket and are secured by snapping into place in the grooved area of the bracket.

As lap tray sets began growing in popularity along with the television set during the 1950’s they became a household item. It was at this time that the lap tray sets changed developed a new design. This new design utilized a ‘snap’ method of construction. Although the legs were formatted much the same with the one set being slightly shorter then the other and connected about mid-way down, they were made of metal instead of wood, and in many cases the tray portion was metal as well.

Another aspect that changed with the lap tray set design was that a rack that could hold the trays was introduced to make storage more convenient. These racks were typically set in the corner of the living room for easy access. This concept became even more popular after the introduction of the T.V dinner.

While the lap tray set as we now know it made its true introduction in 1952, thanks to the introduction of the T.V. dinner in October 1953 and its consequent success, these trays were solidified as a household item. However, as time has gone by these trays have developed many more uses. While they are still utilized for dining while watching T.V. they are also used in a number of other ways that can stagger the imagination. These trays can be used as make-shift desks, bedside tables, and even for display purposes in a pinch. Isn’t it amazing how a simple invention like lap tray sets has come so far?