Folding TV Tray Sets

Folding TV tray sets have been around for more than 50 years. They’re still a part of many people’s homes because of their convenience. After using them, they can be folded up and put away in a corner somewhere, or in the closet out of sight. They’re handy to have if you live in a small apartment with no dining room space.

Many families like to use them for dining while watching their favorite TV program. It may not be formal family dining, but the family is still able to dine together.

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Folding TV tray sets

Folding TV tray sets come in a variety of shapes and designs. Designs may vary from plain wood to your favorite finishing color. Some companies sell them designed with your favorite sports team.

Folding TV tray sets

Whether you prefer the chic and modern look of shiny, stylish metal or the classic, warm, inviting, and homey feel of wood, folding TV tray sets are made to mirror every dimension of your expressive style. They have literally become a much needed staple in many American homes today. Most families and individuals may currently even own two or more folding TV tray sets to fit their desired needs, while staying operative being stain resistant and withstanding both moderate hot and cold temperatures.

Folding TV tray sets can come in straight rectangular, curved rectangular or even oval shaped. They can also be equipped with wheels making them easy for those who may not otherwise be able to transport them from room to room, and for easy storage in a small corner or crevice of the home. Some trays are even equipped with hanging capable components so they may have a permanent place of storage.

Wooden folding TV tray sets commonly come in maple, ash, beechwood or walnut with a variety of finishes and colors. To set up your wooden tray one must simply lift the table portion pulling out the legs until they are pulled into place. The table should be flat and sturdy and can be easily reversed for storage.

Metal trays are more likely to be found in aluminum. Aluminum gives the set the strength and durability essential for everyday use but also keeps it light and stylish. Many aluminum folding TV tray sets can be painted to give an antique finished look or even be set apart from the rest entombing an eclectic work of art.

Folding TV tray sets are not limited to wood or metal they have been found in bamboo, rattan style rush grass wrapped in banana leaves, and even tables that were accented in marble or granite, or perhaps some that were simply mass produced in blow-molded plastic. The variety of shapes, colors, materials and styles make it not only easily integrated into any home or work place but can also depict your personality and compliment any decor. Folding TV tray sets can come in sets of two or four.

After a long day of work or school you just want to come home relax sit in front of your TV and enjoy your meal. Folding TV tray sets not only make this possible but also make everything you need easily attainable and in reach. Sets come with multiple trays allowing for you to sit beside your partner, spouse, kids, or just a few friends coming over to relax and spend time while enjoying your meal together. And when you are done they can be easily folded back stacked on the tray and placed back into a corner and out of the way.

Folding TV tray sets are not only for food. A college student in a dorm has a limited amount of space; a folding tray can act as a desk, possibly a shelf, or even tables when company is invited. It can easily be stored giving the student more space or pulled out for use in a matter of minutes.

With problems associated with public schools and the high cost of private schools many parents are opting for home schooling. Have three children but can't afford three desks? Why not use a folding TV tray set. Placing them side by side can give each child the space he or she may need to take down notes, complete a test, or simply do their homework. A child doesn't have to be homeschooled to enjoy the benefits of the folding tray. Children can use them as an art table or maybe build a new masterpiece out of lego's or playdough. Folding TV tray sets can be placed near the kitchen so a child can be in close contact with the parent or a secluded place to have peace and quiet and some alone time.

BBQing in the back yard? Folding TV tray sets can be used as an extra work space for setting up hotdogs, hamburgers, chopping up a few veggies, or just placing the utensils and ingredients needed for a great meal. When the meal is cooked they can be used as a personal table to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful evening with friends and family. Folding TV tray sets are also very easily transported so they can be taken on camping trips or picnics, even a friend or relatives house to ensure everyone has a space to enjoy themselves comfortably. They can also serve as an assembly line placing a couple of trays side by side with different dishes, plates, forks, spoons, napkins, and drinks in classic buffet style.

Folding TV tray sets have come a long way from the flimsy, collapsible plastic two piece that required you to connect the table to the legs. To imagine the tables’ first advertisement in 1952 was with the concept that its sole purpose was to support our TV dinners as we watched our beloved sports team play or our favorite show. Though the creator is unknown his genius has been reinvented in more ways than we can possibly dream up. Most people today do not know life without the simple pleasure of having folding TV tray sets.